Linux image backup

Backup Linux volumes using dattobd or LVM snapshots with change block tracking.

Please vote if this is something you would use!


Hell yes !!

Sample use case :slight_smile: On my personal pc i am using :

ext4 for / (that s etc var lib bin whatever) (dattodb)
vfat for efi + usb drives (not sure dattodb would work)
lvm for home+work+archives+kvm (so yes thats lvm)
zfs for movies (totally sure there s a way to do cbt, totally unsure how to do it with urbackup)
before i also had /boot on ext2 and lvm on top of dm raid (mdadm)

… things are waayyy simpler at the office

Yes please.
LVM image backups would be great.

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And pls also consider Mac in the future.

Voted YES , through LVM should be nice !

Yes dattobd would be fine also

I don’t know if it is a good idea to put effort at linux image backup. in my opinion, it seems should stop at file level backup. because there are too many storage object at linux.

at windows, urbackup need only take care of ntfs. but in linux we have ext2/3/4, xfs, btrfs, zfs, mdadm, lvm, drbd…

there is a project which can take care all of these:
and it is included as standard of Suse and RHEL.

maybe urbackup should integrated with rear, but not do the job by itself.

and I must say that restore is the weak part of urbackup. urbackup restore cd won’t fit on every hardware. but since rear restore cd was made by original system, it will 100% fit the original hardware.

I would second this suggestion to use REAR. I’ve been testing REAR for my small home servers and it works well.

I’ve been looking into integrating UrBackup and it’s a little more complicated. However, I think a UrBackup developer would have a much easier time.

So a first step that might meet 80% of the requirements would be to take the time to integrate UrBackup with REAR. And later design a more comprehensive image backup solution for UrBackup.

Make sure you check what architecture is running on client machine, not all archs are supported by dattobd. And dattobd requires some free space be present on hard drive, that should be kept in mind too. Otherwise, I’m voting for!

By all means a resounding YES!

Hi @Uroni

Any news about this ? Is it planned in a next beta ?


I currently use LVM and a couple of simple DD scripts to DD the running LVM partition for / to a RAID array, then back again to a second LVM partition on the same disk so I have a rescue partition that is fully functional. I keep 4 copies on the RAID array and backup once weekly.

A UrBackup version of this, would be cool.

Late to the party, but I vote for it.


Do you have a roadmap about this feature ?


I too would live to see this in a roadmap. No pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

Server 2.5.1 WIP/Client 2.5.1 WIP now supports backup with dattobd + restore.

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It will be good, but for every file system.