Urbackup Truenas core

Have setup a new truenas core server first time and installed the urbackup plugin its showing as running and I can access the web page but it will not find any clients, have reinstalled some of the client software 1 pc and a bunch of laptops all on same network clients all windows based(was using urbackup on openmediavault) this worked fine. On the post install notes on truenas -

  1. Stop the jail
  2. Map the folder /mnt/backups/urbackup
  3. Start the jail
  4. Browse to http://jail-ip:55414 and configure an admin user.

What does map the folder mean, is this to view the backups on network or set the save location to urbackup, what do I have to do?

It means that you should configure a mount point for the jail so that the dataset you have created for urbackup to store backups in is available to the jail.
You can’t change a jail’s mount points while it is running, so that’s why the first instruction is to stop the jail.

Hi thanks for you help will give it a try

Shout if you need a specific example and I can show you how my urbackup jail is configured.

I got syncthing working eventually so applying what I did on that to urbackup but not working.

Created a Dataset in the pool ‘UrBackupData’ then stopped the urbackup plugin and went to Mount Points and added Source as the UrBackupData I created then at destination set /mnt/Tank/iocage/jails/urbackup/root/mnt/backups/urbackup as per plugin /mnt/backups/urbackup then on saving get Error - Destinantion directory must be empty, tree shows two folder in urback clients and urbackup_tmp_files.

What have I done wrong?

The destination directory is a “mount point” and as such must always be empty.

The place you mount the dataset in the jail is up to you within limits. On my TrueNAS server, I have a dataset called ‘urbackup’.
The dataset is located at


I logged in to my urbackup jail with:

iocage console urbackup

and created the mount point:

root@urbackup:~ # mkdir /mnt/backups

Then, I shut down the jail and edited the jail mount points to look like this:

From the command line, it looks like this:

root@freenas:/mnt/freenas # ll urbackup/
drwxr-xr-x  8 urbackup  urbackup  8 Sep  6 10:14 urbackup/

root@freenas:/mnt/freenas # iocage console urbackup

root@urbackup:~ # ls -l /mnt/backups/
drwxr-xr-x  8 urbackup  urbackup  8 Sep  6 10:14 urbackup

The other thing you must do is to add a urbackup user and urbackup group in TrueNAS with the same user ID and group ID as the user and group has inside the jail, otherwise urbackup will not be able to use the mount point.

root@urbackup:~ # ls -ln /mnt/backups/
drwxr-xr-x  8 891  891  8 Sep  6 10:14 urbackup

Then all you need to do is make sure that urbackup is configured correctly so that it knows where it should store backups:

Hi, Thankyou for posting the guide/info It’s now up and running thanks for the detailed post.

Excellent, I’m glad to hear that you are up and running.