Unable to free up space

So come to find that my storage array is full. Went through the guide and adjusted the max and mins of numbers of backups. I thought that would have triggered a cleanup but nope. That was 3 days ago. I’ve also tried running cleanup.bat 10% and get the following error:

It’s a windows 2012 server.

Any guidance appreciated.

Please send the crash dump to bugreports@urbackup.org . See Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting for details.

Sorry Here’s the logfile

urbackup.log (48.7 KB)

Seems it doesn’t seem to be able to create a crash dump :confused:

If you keep the “urbackup_srv.exe has stopped working” window open you may be able to fish it out of C:\Windows\WER, C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue or something (*.dmp file)

Found this. No *.dmp file

AppCrash_urbackup_srv.exe_afff95d6bba9a3d98f51a6f79823f843cf4e4e27_13da9334.zip (2.0 KB)

Was that file helpful at all?

Sorry, no. If you can get a crash dump somehow, that would be usefull :confused:

How about this…took some googling to get it.

Thanks! There seems to be a directory in the .hashes folder named HelloWorld2 which recursively has other HelloWorld2 directories in it. The API doesn’t return they are symlinks… What kind of storage is this? (Run chkdsk? )

Idk if I should do anything about this (break the recursion after a certain depth?) yet.

I suspect a student folder from a programming class. Let me see if I can manually find and delete it and all subdirectories

If it is a legitimate file structure in a backup and not a filesystem bug, I should probably change the recursion to use heap memory…

You’re well beyond me. Do what you think best.

Do you have the path of the helloworld folders

I was alluding to that I’d like to know if the file system structure is identical to the client’s ( which is probably the case ) ;).
Unfortunately the mini-dump did not contain the memory of the full path. I hope you can find it somehow.

I found it but it’s a bitch to delete…too long. Won’t let me. Gonna keep googling for a solution.

One common trick to delete folder structures that are too long is to create an empty directory, then use robocopy to mirror the empty dir to the target you want deleted, should leave only the empty top level folder, for some reason robocopy will delete the contents even when you can’t from explorer or a command window.

Just be sure you have the correct target, easy to clear folders you didn’t intend using the mirror option with robocopy.

That sounds like a good work around.
I suspect Windows has a bug involving Recycle Bin, in that even GUI commands to delete immediately perform the filesystem checks for moving to Recycle Bin and fail, thus failing the command. Things which only use low-level functions like Robocopy don’t hit that high-level “protecting the user from themselves” bug.

I did find the robocopy trick. “Seemed” to work in deleting the offending folder/files. Tried running cleanup.bat again and it failed. Is there a way to manually delete backups without messing things up?
Here’s the recent dmp file.urbackup_srv.exe.4256.zip (221.7 KB)

The remove_unknown.bat script will correct the database for files manually deleted.

Did you ever have the feeling things are going from bad to worse?? Gotta love Mondays. So besides the space issue that I can’t seem to resolve I now see this when I go to the web interface.

Not sure I understand why it’s doing it.