Two UrBackup Server in the Same Net

Is it possible to run two Urbackup Server in the same network at the same time?

Yes, but either the servers need to use the same set of keys, or you need to manually add the keys to the agents.
Agent automatically add the keys from the first server they see.


Find your next server in IP address order.
Go to that server’s status page and click Add New Client.
Highlight and copy the Server Identity code to the clip board or paper (no spaces).
Cancel out of there.
After you have installed a client and it has successfully automatically connected to the first server it finds in IP address order.
Open the UrBackup program folder on that client.
It could be “C:\Program Files\UrBackup”
Copy server_idents.txt to the desktop.
Open the copy and go to the end of all of the text that is there and hit enter once to get a new line.
Past or write in the Server Identity code recorded earlier.
Save and close server_idents.txt.
Stop the UrBackup client service. (Google “start or stop a service”)
Copy the modified server_idents.txt from the desktop back to the UrBackup program folder.
Start the UrBackup client service.
You may have to restart the tray client as well.
Or just reboot.

This is where it has been said that the client should eventually connect to the new server.
If you look at the original server_idents.txt after awhile you should see the encryption key has been added following the new Server Identity code that you added.

All for now.


Thank you very much its works perfect :slight_smile: