Sorry, but the 2.5 settings are a mess

After having to completely reinstall the client because it failed to perform file backups after upgrading to 2.5, I had to set its settings from scratch.

A few hours later I noticed backups are performing differently than the settings I’ve set. So I checked the settings again, and saw that they were changed by their own.

Only when I’ve set them on the server they seem to stick on the client.

So now for every setting I have to set it both on the server and the client just to be sure it won’t revert to something else.

I don’t understand how this version made it to production. It broke everything for me (file backups, database corruption, settings). I had to start fresh on the server and lose all my backups, and I’m struggling with it for weeks, all this time being unprotected.

It’s the last time I’m upgrading a working version. Simply not worth it.


I had similar issues that the server’s setting overwrote the backup directories of the client. Since I only have a few, I re-configured everything and now basically treat urbackup as “configure from server only”. Has worked so far.

But yes, I also changed the docker from latest to the correct hash, just to be aware before the next backup.

Is this still an issue? uroni did not changed something in that direction or did I missed it?
=> Commits · uroni/urbackup_backend · GitHub


If there is an issue, Iam sure he can explain and/or fix it soon :slight_smile: I still did not upgraded to 2.5 and I will wait some more time.

Server: 2.5.32 on Ubuntu
Client: 2.5.25-cbt on Windows

Any correlation between the settings on the server and the clients is purely coincidental.

In the client, no matter how many times I check “Active” near “Interval for incremental image backups”, it always unchecks by itself, even though on the server it is not marked as disabled.

In the client, “Interval for full file backups” is a negative number(?!).

This is all not actionable. You need to provide logs or steps to reproduce or it won’t get fixed. See here for the kind of information that is required: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting