Stuck at "Resumed incremental file backup" after upgrade

After upgrading the server (2.5.26) and client (2.5.19-cbt) versions, backups for the upgraded client are stuck at “Resumed incremental file backup”.

Other non-upgraded clients seem to be running fine.

I repaired the database, the problem still persists.

I decided to downgrade the client, so I uninstalled 2.5.19-cbt and tried to install 2.4.11-cbt and 2.4.12-cbt, but the service refused to start.


Only when I reinstalled 2.5.19-cbt the service started, but the original problem persisted.

Anyone could please help me?

Does it make sense for urbackup to completely break after an upgrade?
If so, I’ll stop upgrading. I was satisfied with the previous version.

At least help me downgrade the client so I could resume the backups?
Currently I’m completely unprotected! :persevere:

@uroni any help would be appreciated!

P.S. Could be related to this?

I deleted all the file backups and started a full file backup, but it’s also stuck, now at “Full file backup”.

I have lost the ability to run file backups after the server/client upgrade to 2.5.

What else can I do??