Does UrBackup offer ipv6 support?


My isp has recently changed to ipv6 and im trying to connect a family members computer to my home NAS over the internet. When I put my ip address into the servers settings, it says its invalid. Client cant seem to reach it. I have opened up the port on my router.

IPv6 Support Plans
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Currently not. I think you are the third person who inquires about that.


Dang…not sure how I can connect it then.


ipv4 tunnel?
at least until urbackup is ipv6 ready


Solid +1 from me.


Currently building a setup where IPv6-only clients should be backed up. How much work would this be?


It’s mainly a problem of testing.

As a work-around in this scenario you can probably forward tcp traffic from ipv6 to ipv4 with e.g. haproxy…

How to set up IPv4/IPv6 client backup to IPv6 server

I’m not talking about the webinterface. But the backupprocess as well…


can you explain, your win10 ipv6 only client is added to UrB ok, and backup is also ok?

I’m add such client on my UrB on W7Pro, but it not appears in list of current client,
so, “Client discovery hints” only list, as online but not more…


On an IPv6 only client, urbackup does not work.


I’m disabled all IPv6 options on my OpenWRT router for LAN,
make static IPv4 lease for that mac, so client received ipv4 address,
but UrB server can not add that client in active list,
only in “hints for discovery” section, and “offline” after some minutes.
Client is win10, sw installed by admin, all defaults.
What’s goes wrong?
Some ports should I allow manually? (setup always do it, but failed?)
Should I reinstall it now, where is IPv6 environment is disabled now
and so client will not try to bind to UrB by v6 again?


Are there any news on IPV6 compatibility, for example when it will be available? Or is there even a beta version for testing?