Connecting for filelist and nothing more

Hello Everyone,

I am a new user of Urbakcup and I have some problems…

My POC is the following :

  • One server with Windows 2008 R2 64 bits + Urbackup 2.1.18
  • One client with Windows 7 32 bits + Urbackup 2.1.14

I have installed Urbackup server correctly ( No error message on status tab of Urbackup Web page) but when my client do a full files backup, the indexing freezes and he never can’t do his backup.

LOG’s Activities:

02/22/17 18:59 INFO Starting scheduled full file backup…
02/22/17 18:59 DEBUG Computer_Name: Connecting for filelist…
02/22/17 18:59 DEBUG Computer_Name: Waiting for filelist
02/22/17 18:59 DEBUG Computer_Name: Connecting for filelist (async)…

And nothing more …

Could you help me please ?

Many thanks for your help

A french IT Technician !

Have the same issue, only difference my server is Windows 2012R2 and client is Windows 10. Filesync run all day, nothing happened and same log entries.

Does it show any activity if you look at it with the task manager on the client? (it just might take a while)

Otherwise I’ll need a client debug log.

I could replicate this on 2 PCs running Windows 10. Version 2.1.14 runs forever and creates 1000s(!) of tokens (needed 5 min to de-install to delete all of them). Installed then fresh 2.0.38 and backup started after about 5 minutes - and only around 20 tokens created.

So is this in a AD environment?

Yes, correct.

You are not this guy who want’s to create one AD user for every Australian :wink:

Just joking. But how many AD users do you have? Seems this needs to be optimized/rewritten with more AD users in mind.

I had the exact same issue with the latest version and had roll back to 2.0.38. This was in a large AD environment 5000+ users, but only about 200 are on the backup software. Ive also deployed the latest version in a couple of smaller AD environments less than 50 users and had no problem.

Ah, so the problem is isolated :slight_smile:

We are as well only 5 users using the backup server. However we have over 40.000+ AD user on our network.

So whatever changed in the 2.1.14 version: Can it be undone/fixed?

I didnt tried urbackup with ldap or AD (made I some recommendation about this because the UI seems kinda cluncky/overcomplicated for it)

At our office, we try to plug all our app (i think it s around 20 apps right now) to ldap managed using fusiondirectory (very good project)
Usually the best compromise is to basically get password from ldap of a subset of users/groups via a filter, be able to set an account as local or ldap or give precendence to local users, and then mange permissions within the app.
Then it s up to the user(me) to set correct filter so that i dont get too much results or at least only the ones i want.

A very good thing is also a test/preview button for ldap. Within the configuration page, before you active the conf.

Common issue with lot of ldap apps is that you need to handle paging if your filter returns more than 250/500/1000 users (depends on the size of your result limit set in your ldap server)

Short term I’ll limit the number of enumerated users in the next client version. The access backups from client feature won’t work, but that is better than it not working at all.

Long term the client needs to be changed to not enumerate all users.

In all my AD environments, the backup servers are setup on a stand alone workstation in workgroup mode.

Same for me, the backup server is not part of the AD.
What has changed with the client that he suddenly scans the complete network for other users in an AD network? Can this be switched off?

So is there a chance this will be soon fixed in the next release of the client?

Same problems here. Around 50 users and hangs on "Connecting for filelist (async)…

How fix this ?


So it is not fixed with client 2.1.15?

Installed 2.1.15 … seems same problems… any suggests ?

Ok, sorry. 2.1.15 limits it to max 100 AD users/groups. Such a low number (in your case 50) should not cause any performance problems. Idk what’s up with that.

After some testing the new update does work with some caveats. I noticed that if the user still has thousands of tokens the program will backup very slowly and it looks in some cases errors out and never completes.
If I wipe all the tokens the backup will go through, but it seems like its still taking a long time compared to 2.0.38.
Could it be an option to disable the “access backups from clients” and eliminate all the tokens?

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Same thing here…

Backup start but it’s very slow even client “Run backups with background priority on the clients:” disabled . Backup cannot complete…

Any tricks to speedup?

ps changing server from windows 2012 r2 to Linux enhance performances or it’s the same ?