Connecting for filelist and nothing more


Linux is faster than Windows at everything. It’s super easy to get urbackup running on Linux so why not do it anyways?


Just tested the latest release 2.1.15. The good point: it creates much fewer tokens (few hundred vs thousands). However very very slow in backup. While the prior version was done with a first time full file backup after 2h, now it’s at 14% after 5h and predicting 127 days to complete.

Means I will need to go back to 2.0.36


After further inspection, Im seeing the same issue as ivi1. I do get the backups but there very slow and Im getting “Client went offline” error; even though the machine is still online. I believe this is due to the high volume of tokens the clients still have, and the program is timing out.
I will be also moving back to 2.0.36 for my large AD clients.


This error is the same in this post ? Which correlation between urbackup and Active Directory if not configured on web interface ?


i have the same isue computer with no AD taks filebackup from a share totaly about 500Mb
from the server i just get Waiting for filelist. disk backup no problem windows server and latest ur backup laitest client