Configure components for backup not saving on Client 2.5.20

  • The default settings have all components disabled on the client regardless of the Windows components backup configuration setting.
  • Changing the settings on the client do not save regardless of enabled permissions.

Windows components backup configuration Default=1

Enabled Permissions
Allow client-side changing of the directories to backup:
Allow client-side changing of settings:
Allow clients to configure components to backup:
Same behavior with all permissions enabled.

Yes, the 2.5 settings are a mess

My older servers are running well, but I am unbale to backup SQL for a new server, no matter which settings I try, no permutation works. It seems that the client-side settings are ignored, and that this cannot be configured server-side, even with “default=1”.
Is this a known bug, and is there a plan to fix it soon?

I’m having the same issue, except previous clients that were automatically upgraded to v2.5.19 still work as expected, unless I try to save new settings. The moment I try editing Windows Components settings, everything is unchecked and UrBackup stops backing up any Windows Components. It doesn’t save any selections.

MSSQL backups are very important to me and I was setting a new client on a production server that had to be reinstalled when I’ve noticed this issue. Other tests were made in test clients, but I’ll eventually have to deal with settings in other production servers. I see this issue is open for longer than 5 days now. Are there any workarounds beside downgrading the server?

Update: I uninstalled client v2.5.20 and manually installed v2.4.11. Settings were correctly imported from the server and Windows Components backup was resumed. Since clients get automatically updated, I’ll have to be careful every time I’ll need to update settings.

I’m using the Docker image uroni/urbackup-server:latest and am finding the same thing. Whether I set default=1 on the server or set the SQL Windows component on the client, MSSQL does not backup. I cannot imagine this made it through beta testing, so I’m wondering if there is a conflict or some setting I’m missing? All my Windows clients were working fine on 2.4. I uninstalled 2.4, installed 2.5 and now Windows components are not working on any of them.

I have upgraded server to 2.5.29 and clients to 2.5.23 and do not see the issue.