Client confirmation on non gui



I am testing urbackup and it looks pretty good.

I have urbackup server installed on windows and client is installed on ubuntu minimal install (no gui). when i try to restore using server web interface it keeps waiting for client confirmation and i dont know how can i confirm it on non gui based client.

Below is the activity log

09/11/16 21:22 INFO Starting restore of path “var\LICENSE.txt”. Waiting for client confirmation…
09/11/16 21:27 ERROR Restore was inactive for 5min. Timeout. Stopping restore…

Waiting for client confirmation on headless client installation

You can either start it via urbackupclientctl restore-start on the client, or set RESTORE=server-confirms in /etc/default/urbackupclient.

Restore data (folders and files) jobs does not work on Linux and MAC OS clients

and if there is no file found named /etc/default/urbackupclient as in my clients is on debian? Where to look for this setting?