Waiting for client confirmation on headless client installation


I’m not able to restore a single file initiated from the Web-GUI.

My server has no graphic user interface so I made a change on point 3 in your description:

./configure --enable-headless

The installation finished successfully; Backup work fine but the recover task failed after 5 min waiting for client confirmation…

I found here and in the FAQ help: https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-820009.2 & Client confirmation on non gui

But on my installation in no config file [urbackupclient] present. Not in /etc/default or /etc/sysconfig. I create the file manually but is still the same.

Could you pls help me? Many thanks!


UrBackup Server v2.0.34.1611 @Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
UrBackup Client Backend v2.0.33.0 @Debian 8 aarch64

You are in the wrong folder.

Try /usr/local/etc/urbackup for the config file.

Hi hippy,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

mmhh, that means the online documentation here is wrong ??
Anyway …I tested you suggestion without any success.

Are you using headless client ?

Yes. I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.
Will take a look at my own setup and get back to you.

My bad.
I checked /etc/default/urbackupclient

The following section is what you’re looking for;

# Valid settings:
# "client-confirms": If you have the GUI component the currently active user
#                    will need to confirm restores from the web interface.
#                    If you have no GUI component this will cause restores
#                    from the server web interface to not work
# "server-confirms": The server will ask the user starting the restore on 
#                    the web interface for confirmation
# "disabled":        Restores via web interface are disabled.
#                    Restores via urbackupclientctl still work

Have you tried using the locate command to locate the urbackupclient file?

First of make certain that restoring via command line on the client via urbackupclientctl is not enough. The reason that it asks for client confirmation per default is that not asking would introduce a single point of failure for all your data.
That is, ransomware takes over your backup server, encrypts all your files and then restores all your clients – complete data loss if you don’t have a second backup.

You are compiling from source. The instructions in the admin manual are for the binary client. When starting urbackupclientbackend you can specify the config file with urbackupclientbackend -c /path/to/config/file or you set the setting directly via command line switch urbackupclientbackend --restore server-confirms. The config file is only there so the systemd unit does not need to be changed to change one of the command line settings.

I would be interested by the way if the binary client works on aarch64, because I have no hardware to test it on :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the explanation; to you both!
Now the client fits my needs:
“/usr/local/sbin/urbackupclientbackend --restore server-confirms -d”
Considering to a possible security risk there is a second backup in place on a different location :wink:

I will test your binary client on my Odroid-C2. btw. That’s the new star in my network. Combined with an eMMC the 1Gbit NIC reached around 98% of the maximum bandwidth – impressive!