Windows Service Stops

Win10 Pro 64 bit. SSD 32gRam

WinSrv2008 R2

Backups go from initializing to backing up showing percentage on the server, then the Server Services dies. I’ve set the service to to restart, so with that the sequence repeats. Initilizing, backing up, service stops/restarts, process repeats.

Note: this is a new install

This happens on my Win10Pro desktop and Win10Pro virtual desktop, acting as the server. Not on both at the same time. I was testing on the virtual desktop, had the service restarting issue. Unloaded from virtual desktop and loaded on the physical desktop. Exactly the same issue there with the server service restarting…

Any help is appreciated.

I would REALLY like to use this software.
It looks like it will do ALL that I need, and more.
I just need for the Server Windows service to NOT STOP…

Thank you for your help.

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app.log (3.3 KB)
urbackup.log (18.6 KB)

Sorry for not following protocol.

I’ve attached the log files.

Thank you for your help.

args.txt (308 Bytes)

Please let me know if there is anything else you need that can help.

Sorry, unfortunately it does not save the crash dump.

Maybe Windows will save it somewhere. Have a look into the system event log for that (or search C:\Windows for new *.dmp files). Also you should try server 2.2.x (in the testing category). Perhaps it simply works.

I can’t find a relevant dump.
I captured info from the event viewer.
Maybe the Event ID may be of help.

Also, I can’t find where to download the 2.2.x version… I’d be happy to give that a go.

Thank you for you time and help…
GREATELY Appreacited.

Randall (1.5 KB)