White label the client?

Would it be possible to allow white labeling the backup client? No offense, I like your logo, it’s just… well… mine is better lol.

I am considering deploying UrBackup at a client and it would look more professional as a white label product from the MSP perspective.



I am also very interested in whitelabelling. Would it be possible for a subscription for this? This could get some money flowing back to the devs, and give us something we can use right away. Any chance we can get a dev to chime in on this?


Already asked, no reply.

I would happily pay for this. I would suggest that you roll it into the CBT license. Maybe instead of a perpetual license you give a $1/mo licensing fee for the CBT driver and ability to whitelabel. I know some developers are completely committed to opensource so would understand if this is not an avenue you would like to take.

Urbackup is really robust, and is certainly worth paying for. There’s an MSP crowd out there that would probably be interested!

I would prefer whitelabelling to be separate from the CBT licensing.


White label feature would absolutely be worth some extra costs! :money_mouth_face:

I would be interested in this as well. Would be nice to add fields to the “right click” menu on it as well. Perhaps link to the Restore page, etc.

Interesting… Did this discussion ever go anywhere?