Verify or check image for integrity

Is there a way to check if my image backup that I have is proper file and not corrupted? Do not want to get into a surprise when wanted to restore then only realize the image backup is corrupted or something.

The reason me asking is:

  1. I got error after the image backup is done.

    I did not stop the backup but the client did reboot while backup was running.

  2. I see this in another thread being suggested but that would mean we have to decompress the image from VHDZ to RAW?

urbackupsrv internal --image_verify Image_C_180306-0743.raw

I am not sure what is the best way to check integrity of a backup image but hash with original file is not possible due to it being an image. But any method is appreciated as it will assure users that their backup is “okay” when they need it.

You kind of have to trust that the software is bug free. If you want to test for bugs in image backup see e.g. this thread Server 2.5.25/Client 2.5.19 (updated) .

Other than that look that everything is protected against corruption:

  • Use a filesystem with checksumming, e.g. btrfs, ZFS, ReFS or Ceph block storage
  • Use ECC RAM