Using image backups to migrate machine - not booting correctly

I did an image backup of a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine (yes, I know it is old) and tried to restore it to a different machine with the restore USB stick/CD. However only the C partition was available to be restored. Despite a SYSVOL partition being stored on the server.
Whether or not I used the “make windows bootable on new hardware” option before restarting, windows only boots into recovery mode and cannot find an OS to repair.
Upon checking the partition table only the C partition was written onto the disk.

So is there a way to move all partitions over to the new disk?

Additional information: the original disk has an additional partition (for data) which has not been backed up. All in all the original disk is larger than the new one (2 TB vs 1 TB), but the SYSVOL and C partitions are smaller than the new disk. So this shouldn’t be an issue AFAIK.

Could be the SYSVOL backup failed for that backup? Maybe you still have a log for that/can see it w.r.t. to the dates on the web interface.

The GUI solution would be to restore a backup that has an associated SYSVOL backup, then afterwards restore the final backup (given the partition layout does not change in-between). Or if you are comfortable with the command line.

I have same issue, UrBackup don’t backup SYSVOL.

Detailly I wrote about it here:

You are right, the backup of the SYSVOL Partition failed indeed. I will do another image backup and get back to you with the results.

I restored my windows server 2012r2 without backup of SYSVOL!

I recreated SYSVOL and now windows boots normally.


  • Restore image backup from UrBackup Restore CD;
  • Boot from installation CD form you windows version (if your windows 10, boot from windows10 installation CD, if your windows 2012r2, boot from windows 2012r2 installation CD);
  • Use restore option and run CMD for recreate SYSVOL

C:\Windows\system32> diskpart

DISKPART> lis vol
DISKPART> sel vol 1 (you volume)
DISKPART> shrink desired=100  (shrink C: 100Mb);
DISKPART> creat par prim (create partition);
DISKPART> format fs=ntfs
DISKPART> activ (make active);
DISKPART> assign letter M

C:\Windows\system32>bcdboot C:\Windows  (create SYSVOL files);

reboot PC;

More detail with screenshots here (but in Russian, but it have all commands at screenshots).

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