UrBackup Windows 11 client issue : folders french accent charset

Hello !

I used to use UrBackup on my Windows 10 with Debian server without issue and I do not know if the reason is I’m now on Windows 11 but there is an issue with my folders which have French accent.
This added folder “C:\Users\ericj\Vidéos_À trier” becomes (after validation and open again the “Add path” window) “C:\Users\ericj\Vidéos_À trier”.
On server log, I have this:
Cannot access path to backup: “\?”\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy18\Users\ericj\Vidéos_À trier" Errorcode: 3 - Le chemin d’accès spécifié est introuvable."
How can I resolve this ? Because the backups cannot work at all.


Hello again.
Found something ; As Administrator, I have changed the names of folders inside two files (c:\Program Files\UrBackup) :
— .\data\settings.cfg (text file)
— .\backup_client.db (SQLite file => DBeaver is my friend)

Works with this workaround.
Maybe a better solution from Dev Team ?

Hello (myself…)
The configuration does itself a rollback : only keeps the Documents but remove the Image folder (without French accent) and the vidéos folders.

I think I’m going to give up till the issues won’t block all the backup…
In my “old” computer scientist mind, an issue with one little file should not erase an entire backup (more than 200GBytes) : nonsense…
Dev Team should see Duplicati and use "Warnings"flags.
Have a good day

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Yep, the 2.5 settings are a mess

It confirms I was awake when I worked on UB…
I think a tiny little rollback on this version :slight_smile: