UrBackup Server not automatically finding clients

I recently installed UrBackup Server on a windows 2012 R2 domain controller on a small network with 6 windows clients. Clients are Windows 7 and Windows 10. UrBackup Server version 2.3.7 x64 and Client 2.3.4. The server is not finding any clients even if I put them in manually via FQDN or IP address. What am I missing?

thanks in advance for any help


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I have had a similar issue in the past and the solution turned out to be the firewall on the client.
The installation of the client software had opened up the firewall for public networks but not private.
Worth a check.

Indeed, this is most likely a firewall issue. Please check wf.msc for the entry like this.

This is only used for UrBackup client discovery, so it should be set for Domain profile assuming Network Location Awareness (NLA) is working properly. All other attributes should be “Any”, or you can set Remote Address to the IP address of you backup server for tighter security. You can push this firewall entry to all domain computers with a Group Policy Object.

So this should be the client setting? How about the server?


Looking now

Added the client side firewall rules and still nothing is showing up in the server

What about the firewall on the server? Is there a rule to allow all traffic to/from the UrBackup server process? I don’t have UrBackup Server running on windows at the moment to confirm what that looks like.

If so, this comes down to basic software/network troubleshooting. The server sends UDP packets to broadcast:35622. If you declare a Client discovery hint, it also sends those packets to the target’s IP directly. Use whatever means you have to ensure those packets are making it to the client computers.

If you are sure it is an issue with the UrBackup software and not firewall/network, attach your client log files per the instructions in this post.

I’ll go back over it today and see if I am getting any broadcast packets from the server. I turned off the firewall on both client and server. I did set up hints with the FQDN and IP. Looking in the logs and server just shows the install and upgrade, client doesn’t exist. I’m changing them both to debug and rebooting everything.

Let s hope

You can capture network traffic on Windows using https://www.wireshark.org/ - might be worth checking out.