URbackup server not adding vm Hyperv client

Hi Everyone, (client 2.2.18 hyper v and 2.4.9 server)
I am trialing the hyper v client on server 2016 which has a couple of vm machines version 8.0.
the server and client are on the same machine that hosts the vm’s.

Is this ok?
reason is that the vm clients are not added automatically to the server–it only shows the existing clients of other machines with no new ones added.
Am I doing something stupid or have I missed some setup step to get the server to auto add the vm’s as it says it should in the manual when the client connects to the server?
Tried start stop of services, reboots and all, no new clients added. Note this was running a normal client before removing the client and installing the hyper v one.

Sorry about that… It should pick up new clients. Does it not even work if you restart the server process/service?

To find the issue debug log files would be appreciated. See Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting for how to get them. I’ll run some tests myself with the new server version.

Hi Uroni, sorry for delay–here is client log to start.
Tried removing the client, after stopping the service and doing a clean–now I cannot do an image backup either, apologies Im sure it is something I have done lol.
debug.log (9.7 KB)

The error seems pretty clear. It uses powershell.exe + Get-VM to get the VMs. At some point powershell.exe must have switched to a lower version (< 3 ?), or the Hyper-V powershell module uninstalled.

If you run powershell.exe in cmd and then run $PSVersionTable.PSVersion, what does it show?

What does where powershell.exe in cmd say?

You may need to do this in powershell: Install-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-Hyper-V-Tools -IncludeAllSubFeature

Ok, did a few reboots and there they are.
thanks for your help. Much appreciated.