UrBackup Server doesn't startup after update to 2.5.26_1 on TrueNAS (FreeBSD)

I updated to latest revision (2.5.26_1) of Urbackup Server on a TrueNAS Jail (FreeBSD) from previous revision (2.5.26) and now it doesn’t startup.

I also created a new jail, installed latest revision of UrBackup Server and get the same problem

Here is the log:

2022-09-21 13:30:53: Starting HTTP-Server on port 55414
2022-09-21 13:30:53: HTTP: Server started up successfully!
2022-09-21 13:30:53: Generating Server private/public ECDSA key...
Segmentation fault

I have had the exact same problem after the upgrade, the server dies.
I removed the _1 version (pkg remove urbackup-server-2.5.26_1) and added the previous version (that was still in cache (pkg add urbackup-server-2.5.26.pkg) and the server could start fine.
No idea what bug got introduced in the _1 version, but I does prevent the server from running.

The only way this works for me in FreeNAS/TrueNAS is to build from source and use the built-in cryptopp.

./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp

I have the same problem, it appears to be unable to connect to the network.

Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: receive_packet failed on epair0b: Device not configured
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: ioctl(SIOCGIFFLAGS) on epair0b: Operation not permitted
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: Interface epair0b no longer appears valid.
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: No live interfaces to poll on - exiting.

Anyone have a fix for this.



If you updated through the TrueNAS web ui a snapshot will be created each time even if updates are not applied. You can view/restore the snapshot of your jail as described here:

Any update? Problem is still there

How can install old version as a jail. For example 2.5.25
When I try to the following command automatically installed 2.5.6_1
pkg update
pkg install urbackup-server

I was able to revert to my previous version (2.4.15) by connecting to the jail’s shell and performing the following commands:

  1. Determine cached versions:
    ls /var/cache/pkg/
    - in my case, there was “urbackup-server-2.4.15.pkg”

  2. Install the cached version:
    pkg install /var/cache/pkg/urbackup-server-<cached version>.pkg
    - in my case “pkg install /var/cache/pkg/urbackup-server-2.4.15.pkg”

  3. start the urbackup server:
    urbackupsrv run

This worked perfectly for me, though I do not know if it’s a bad way of reverting to a previous version…

I had the same issue with the latest urbackup 2.5.26_1 pkg or port version in FreeBSD 13. It’s failed to start with Segmentation fault due to the cryptopp been removed. Here are the workaround I did to make it work (fall back to 2.5.26).

  1. Install urbackupserver latest pkg version : pkg install urbackup-server-2.5.26_1

  2. Get the source code of urbackup 2.5.26 (UrBackup - Install UrBackup server from sources) : wget https://hndl.urbackup.org/Server/2.5.26/urbackup-server-2.5.26.tar.gz

  3. Extract the source and go inside the dir : tar -zxvf urbackup-server-2.5.26.tar.gz && cd urbackup-server-2.5.26

  4. We want to enable and use the build-in cryptopp, configure with --enable-embedded-cryptopp : ./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp

  5. Compile the source : make

  6. Backup existing urbackupsrv file before proceed because we are going to replace it with a new one. : cp /usr/local/bin/urbackupsrv /usr/local/bin/urbackupsrv.bak

  7. We don’t want to install the compiled version because we used the one from pkg, so just copy urbackupsrv file in the source dir to /usr/local/bin dir, overwritten the existing file. : cp urbackupsrv /usr/local/bin/

  8. Urbackup server from source used /usr/local/var dir, so link it to /var : cd /usr/local && ln -s /var var

  9. Done, start or restart Urbackup server.

  10. (Optional) At this point you probably want to lock the urbackup-server-2.5.26_1 pkg so it doesn’t get replace during pkg upgrade. : pkg lock urbackup-server-2.5.26_1


Thanks to alecmascot which explained to us how to configure to build from source.
In the Makefile in the line CONFIGURE_ARGS at the end we add --enable-embedded-cryptopp.
The procedure is as follows:

#In urbackup-server jail
iocase console urbackup
portsnap auto
cd /usr/ports/archivers/urbackup-server
pkg install `make build-depends-list | sed s%/usr/ports/%%g | sed '/sqlite3/d'`
sed -i '.bak' -e 's/CONFIGURE_ARGS.*/& --enable-embedded-cryptopp/' Makefile
make deinstall
make reinstall
service urbackup_server start

I assume this is via the shell? If so, do those lines get entered individually? Only asking as I don’t mess with stuff like that often. Also, I see text in red green and green, is that important?

All in the shell, one by one. The color is a mistake and has no meaning.
Use ssh or PuTTY to login on TrueNAS lake root.