UrBackup Server doesn't startup after update to 2.5.26_1 on TrueNAS (FreeBSD)

I updated to latest revision (2.5.26_1) of Urbackup Server on a TrueNAS Jail (FreeBSD) from previous revision (2.5.26) and now it doesn’t startup.

I also created a new jail, installed latest revision of UrBackup Server and get the same problem

Here is the log:

2022-09-21 13:30:53: Starting HTTP-Server on port 55414
2022-09-21 13:30:53: HTTP: Server started up successfully!
2022-09-21 13:30:53: Generating Server private/public ECDSA key...
Segmentation fault

I have had the exact same problem after the upgrade, the server dies.
I removed the _1 version (pkg remove urbackup-server-2.5.26_1) and added the previous version (that was still in cache (pkg add urbackup-server-2.5.26.pkg) and the server could start fine.
No idea what bug got introduced in the _1 version, but I does prevent the server from running.

The only way this works for me in FreeNAS/TrueNAS is to build from source and use the built-in cryptopp.

./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp

I have the same problem, it appears to be unable to connect to the network.

Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: receive_packet failed on epair0b: Device not configured
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: ioctl(SIOCGIFFLAGS) on epair0b: Operation not permitted
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: Interface epair0b no longer appears valid.
Sep 27 03:58:00 Urbackup dhclient[75520]: No live interfaces to poll on - exiting.

Anyone have a fix for this.



If you updated through the TrueNAS web ui a snapshot will be created each time even if updates are not applied. You can view/restore the snapshot of your jail as described here:

Any update? Problem is still there

How can install old version as a jail. For example 2.5.25
When I try to the following command automatically installed 2.5.6_1
pkg update
pkg install urbackup-server

I was able to revert to my previous version (2.4.15) by connecting to the jail’s shell and performing the following commands:

  1. Determine cached versions:
    ls /var/cache/pkg/
    - in my case, there was “urbackup-server-2.4.15.pkg”

  2. Install the cached version:
    pkg install /var/cache/pkg/urbackup-server-<cached version>.pkg
    - in my case “pkg install /var/cache/pkg/urbackup-server-2.4.15.pkg”

  3. start the urbackup server:
    urbackupsrv run

This worked perfectly for me, though I do not know if it’s a bad way of reverting to a previous version…

I had the same issue with the latest urbackup 2.5.26_1 pkg or port version in FreeBSD 13. It’s failed to start with Segmentation fault due to the cryptopp been removed. Here are the workaround I did to make it work (fall back to 2.5.26).

  1. Install urbackupserver latest pkg version : pkg install urbackup-server-2.5.26_1

  2. Get the source code of urbackup 2.5.26 (UrBackup - Install UrBackup server from sources) : wget https://hndl.urbackup.org/Server/2.5.26/urbackup-server-2.5.26.tar.gz

  3. Extract the source and go inside the dir : tar -zxvf urbackup-server-2.5.26.tar.gz && cd urbackup-server-2.5.26

  4. We want to enable and use the build-in cryptopp, configure with --enable-embedded-cryptopp : ./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp

  5. Compile the source : make

  6. Backup existing urbackupsrv file before proceed because we are going to replace it with a new one. : cp /usr/local/bin/urbackupsrv /usr/local/bin/urbackupsrv.bak

  7. We don’t want to install the compiled version because we used the one from pkg, so just copy urbackupsrv file in the source dir to /usr/local/bin dir, overwritten the existing file. : cp urbackupsrv /usr/local/bin/

  8. Urbackup server from source used /usr/local/var dir, so link it to /var : cd /usr/local && ln -s /var var

  9. Done, start or restart Urbackup server.

  10. (Optional) At this point you probably want to lock the urbackup-server-2.5.26_1 pkg so it doesn’t get replace during pkg upgrade. : pkg lock urbackup-server-2.5.26_1


Thanks to alecmascot which explained to us how to configure to build from source.
In the Makefile in the line CONFIGURE_ARGS at the end we add --enable-embedded-cryptopp.
The procedure is as follows:

#In urbackup-server jail
iocase console urbackup
portsnap auto
cd /usr/ports/archivers/urbackup-server
pkg install `make build-depends-list | sed s%/usr/ports/%%g | sed '/sqlite3/d'`
sed -i '.bak' -e 's/CONFIGURE_ARGS.*/& --enable-embedded-cryptopp/' Makefile
make deinstall
make reinstall
service urbackup_server start

I assume this is via the shell? If so, do those lines get entered individually? Only asking as I don’t mess with stuff like that often. Also, I see text in red green and green, is that important?

All in the shell, one by one. The color is a mistake and has no meaning.
Use ssh or PuTTY to login on TrueNAS lake root.

This was amazing and solved this exact issue. Copy and paste the commands as writtten. Well done!

Anyone know if this issue is resolved in a newer version?

No newer version available on FreeBSD and the port has no maintainer since november :frowning:

I have been having the same problem with the community version, and opted to build it manually, this script helped me to build a manual jail and then install urBackup, took about 30 minutes.

The nice thing is that I mounted my urBackup data directory in another Dataset on a different pool, and used the source from urBackup.org, so it is the latest version:

URBACKUP client not starting. supposedly for a outdated jail version.

iocase console urbackup

command not found: iocase

Never mind. I figured out it is supposed to be iocage. I really don’t know much about any of this. I upgraded a drive (in Truenas core) and have been trying to get these commands to work but still not able to get the urbackup gui afterwards. :frowning: