Issue creating new server

I have setup TrueNAS-13.0-U3.1 on the server and added the URBackup Plugin version 2.5.26_1 wouldn’t open the webclient had a search and found this info

Thanks to alecmascot which explained to us how to configure to build from source.
In the Makefile in the line CONFIGURE_ARGS at the end we add --enable-embedded-cryptopp.
The procedure is as follows:

#In urbackup-server jail
iocase console urbackup
portsnap auto
cd /usr/ports/archivers/urbackup-server
pkg install `make build-depends-list | sed s%/usr/ports/%%g | sed '/sqlite3/d'`
sed -i '.bak' -e 's/CONFIGURE_ARGS.*/& --enable-embedded-cryptopp/' Makefile
make deinstall
make reinstall
service urbackup_server start

Did this and now have the web management working, it says on post notes to

UrBackup server has been installed!
You have to follow this steps to configure UrBackup for the first time

  1. Stop the jail
  2. Map the folder /mnt/backups/urbackup
  3. Start the jail
  4. Browse to http://jail-ip:55414 and configure an admin user.

On the mount point I have Source /nmt/Tank/urbackup (urbackup I created as a data set) destination /mnt/Tank/iocage/jails/urbackup/root/mnt/backups/urbackup/clients can only set this.

Client computer is not found and no log created under web client

Got one client connected