Urbackup Server crashes with MemoryError

Hello there, i have a Problem with my Server installation - here are some details:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Server Version 2.4.12
  • HP Microserver Gen8 - Celeron G1610 - 8 GB ECC Ram
  • OS & Urbackupserver on SSD
  • Backupdata on MDADM Raid 5 of 4x4 TB Seagate NAS HDD
  • Beginning of the Problem: around April 5th (there was the last successfull Backups)


the urbackup Server process crashes after a few minutes of running. the process start to backup data from the clients and stops with a memory error.

Solutions / Troubleshooting:

  • Ram Error? -> Memtest runs for 4 Hours with 3 passes and 0 errors
  • Disk problems? -> smartctl reports all disks as PASSED; data write (sync) and read operations are alle functional within the normal range
  • OS Problem? -> updated from 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS

What I see: When the Process crashes, around 7GB of my 8GB Ram are use for Caching or Buffer. But i dont know if this is the normal way :slight_smile:

In the Serverlogs i cant find any hints or errors…so i hope some of you have some suggestions for me

greetings Andreas

Please have a look at the server log file (see Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting ).

Also this would be helpful: https://urbackup.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/US/pages/8323075/Debugging+with+gdb+on+Linux The OpenSUSE Ubuntu builds have debug symbols i.e. http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/uroni/xUbuntu_18.04/amd64/