Urbackup on Debian Bookworm


I want to upgrade 2 Debian machines to Debian Bookworm.

Is there anything to do with the Urbackup installation on the Debian 11 machines before?

I just got the notice about Debian 12 (Bookworm) release. as well
Holding off upgrading because of not knowing if Urbackup will work.
I intend to wait a couple weeks to see it anyone with Urbackup has done it and what issues there were.
If no one has, I will try on one server and see what happens.

Urbackup client for Linux is just that, for Linux. If you run the installer it will check if the environment is ok, install packages as needed. A good test would be to install the client on Bookworm and see if that raises any issues. One could do so in a virtual environment. Or even better, install it on a Bullseye client and upgrade that. I guess writing this takes almost as much effort as running those tests :wink:
Personally i dont forsee any issues, but maybe i will run some tests before upgrading my Debian clients and i will let you know the results. Some of them are actually VMs, so those would make good test cases. I would probably start with those and have snapshots in place of course.
Please note that everybody is free to customize their Linux clients to the extreme, i wonder what scenarios would not work with the Urbackup Client, but i am sure there are many.

I upgraded my laptop from bullseye to bookworm on release day.

I didn’t need to do anything special with the urbackup client and it worked fine after the upgrade.

I’m interest in any server issues in upgrading to Bookworm.
Have had dependency issues during upgrade in the past.

Same here, I want to upgrade the server itself.

Apparently it hasn’t been tested yet.
I looked in the downloads folders and Bullseye is the latest version.

Well I went and did it.
Here is what happened:
As part of the Debian Bullseye(11) to Bookworm (12) the instructions tell you to do the following.
apt list ‘~o’
apt purge ‘~o’

The first command list obsolete files and the second deletes them.
Unsure why but the list showed Urbackup.
Doesn’t make sense to me since it is a 3rd party program how does it determine it is obsolete.
If you don’t issue the commands. it will do it at some point during the upgrade.
Don’t remember exactly where but probably early on to avoid any problems with them when the upgrade starts.

Upgrade had a few hiccups as expected, but over all was good.
Had to reinstall Urbackup.
The downside here is when the “obsolete” programs were purged, the Urbackup databases went as well.
The "first " time I tries the upgrade, I panicked when the web app did not show any of my clients and all settings were gone, so I reloaded Bullseye.
Urbackup had created new empty databases as originals were gone.
had forgotten that Urbackup backs up the databases.
They go into /urbackup/
I checked that folder and saw they were created at 5:00am. At least on my systems.
So I waited until after they were backed up the next morning to do the upgrade.
Now back after upgrade and reinstalling Urbackup…
I copied the databases into the /var/urbackup folder.
Urbackup did not work, so I did a “urbackupsrv repair-database”
Pages and pages of errors scrolled by on the screen. Many about corruption.
Somehow after all of the scary stuff, Urbackup was working!
Had to reinstall Urbackup client as well.
All good now.

Hope what I went through will be of some use to others.