Urbackup metaserver

Because in the past months i’ve seen a lot of requests on the forums that would be solved by a meta server. My proposition
is a meta-server that would allow to manage/synchronise urbackup servers in environnements where more than one server is required.

The server would basically :
Know the metadata of all urbackup servers.
Be able to synchronize client/server keys .
Be able to initate some data migration between servers.
Allow a client to be attached to multiple servers, moved between servers

Problems solved (There already solutions to these problems, but they aren’t very simple)

Data migration between servers for server replacement
Use multiple filesystems for backup, each managed by a different urbackup instance
This single item fixes the following issues:
-bad partitioning, partition was created to small and can not be extended
-allow to add an additional external drive
-the need to use a different filesystem for archival
Simpler way to have a client to backup to multiple urbackup servers
Allow to search for the backup in a single place.
Allow backup seeding, backup of disconnected clients, or clients on a slow link, via the creation of a temporary server.

With more work this could
Allow a solution to a branch office issue, with peoples travelling between branch offices. (local server could query for file hash of known client and allow an incremental; even if the full has been done on another server)
Allow peoples to have branch office server synced/duplicated to online server (need to sync data in addition to metadata).