Multiple paths for backups

Is there any way to have the Image backups store in a different path from the File backups?
Right now they are both under the same path, inside a folder with the PC name,

I do not believe so; if there is, I believe it is difficult.

I think there is a feature request going around for this. Things like the MetaServer or what I think you are more leaning towards with Multiple Backup Locations for your Images or Files per client.

If nothing else, you may want to throw some votes at those and see if they’ll be in the newest update.

Thanks for the suggestions, yes, the second one might do what I need, but it will put the image on the same folder as the file backup.
I actually need the images in a different path.
But I voted for it anyways, that would be a step forward.
I wonder if I should create a new feature request, or if I can add to that second feature request.
What would have more chances?

It’s whichever one people prefer the most. No real way to make a proper suggestion against that.

For the time being though, and if you have something that you can spare - such as a VM or another box - you could maybe try having two UrBackup Servers that communicate with the same client and have one perform file backups and the other perform image backups.

I would need someone else to explain that part, because I have never done that nor could I find a quick 1-2 article on how to do it.

Otherwise, you could just rsync your backups somewhere else - temporarily?