Urbackup 2.4.11 in Freenas can't access the backups from the web interface

I have installed urbackup in a freenas jail using the apt package.
I have set the user to run the server to be root
Everything seems to work correctly but when I try to access the backups from the web interface I get an error

Access Denied. We are sorry, something went wrong or you do not have the needed privileges to access this file or folder.(path_browse_access_denied)

Strange thing is that the user that is running the urbackup server is root and I can access all files in the backup folder without any issues from the jail shell with the root user (there is no other user defined in the jail)

Any suggestions on what the problem might be? I have run out of options to test. I have even chown 777 all files in the backup directory.


After hours of testing and trying … i decided to post this issue, and right after doing it I find someone answering the same issue in this post: