Seen error "Sorry, something went wrong or you do not have the required rights to access this file or folder.(path_browse_access_denied)"

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UrBackup seems a good project however due to my first experience with the product i am unable to configure it properly.

I am using FreeNAS/FreeBSD to configure JAIL for URBackup server. which went very well. everything seems working perfectly. even backup of file and Volume image was also perfect. however when i click on backup

Both blue file backup once client give me an error that i do not have the rights and also see the button “login with username and password” i have used backup software before like R1soft being administrator i do have the right to view all the files and content of any backup. is it not the case in URBackup. secondly i use the same PC/Computer to backup the files and similar thing happen. this time i have use the same local windows user to backup but it is still unable to gain the access. the backup folder in Freenas own to urbackup user. your guidance is required. Please help.

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I’m surprised no-one answered this yet. I’ve been struggling with the same problem myself and I wanted to share what I found to spare others the trouble of spending hours trying to figure out what’s wrong.

I found this mention in the server administration manual:

8.1.2 Server URL

URL to which the client will browse if a user selects “Access/restore backups”. For example “”. Default: “” (If empty “Access/restore backups” will not be available on the clients.)

Which means you have to set the “Server URL” field in Settings -> General -> Server on the web administration interface if you want to be able to browse backups from the web interface.