Uninstallation of UrBackup Client on linux

I have installed Urbackup version 2.0.32 as a client on CentOS 6.6.
I have changed my backup server, so trying to uninstall and reinstall the client package but not able to find where to uninstall.


cd into directory where you extracted tar.gz. Run
make uninstall

Btw, I think you should be OK if you just removed identity file and restarted the service, should search for a new server without uninstall this way.

i have installed on CentOS and the client package used is “UrBackup Client Linux 2.0.32.sh”.
What will be the default path of installation ? and where can i find identity file, i am not able to find it.


I’d like an answer to this question also!

I would like an answer to this too!

CentOS 6.8 identity files are located in:

If you are on any other Linux distro and want to find your stuff:
find / -name “urbackup*”

this cmd doesn’t work ubuntu 20.04