Howto fully uninstall urbackup client on Ubuntu


I’m looking for a way to remove everything from the Binary Client 2.0.36 under Linux.

I found similar posts but not how to remove properly save.

The script doesn’t provide any uninstall switches, also removing the config will not remove the autostart for the service.
What is the best way to uninstall and cleanup ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

2.1.x has the uninstall_urbackupclient script now.


Hi uroni,
Wow, that was fast :slight_smile: Yes your new client uninstaller works great. Thank you!

Btw. The installer script add system startup for /etc/init.d/urbackupclientbackend …
/etc/rc0.d/K20urbackupclientbackend -> …/init.d/urbackupclientbackend
[/etc/rc0.d - /etc/rc6.d]

These files are still present, maybe you want to add them to the new /usr/local/sbin/uninstall_urbackupclient.


Hello, i searched and searched and dont find this script. I googled and dont find it. I search on my urbackup-server and urbackup-client, i rly dont know where it is. This is really horrible.

I have got version 2.1.16 on my client, the client dont connect to server so i will completely remove the client. But no way.
PLEASE: Help me where i can find it?

root@myclient:/home/localadmin/urbackup-client- make uninstall
( cd ‘/usr/local/bin’ && rm -f urbackupclientctl urbackupclientgui )
( cd ‘/usr/local/sbin’ && rm -f urbackupclientbackend )

does not remove all. :frowning:

after installation, we find the following files:

once urbackup is uninstalled, only the logs remain.

it’s perfect !