Uncompressing vhdz images

I have ran several image backups successfully and files were saved in vhdz format.

Question is, will uncompressing the vhdz change the format to vhd? I tried to uncompress the vhdz and can see that the size of file has increased. However the file extension remains at vhdz.

I then tried to manually rename the file extension to vhd and tried mounting in virtualbox. This process failed as virtualbox said that the disk is not a recognized format.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the report. This is a bug. See here for more information: Mount image backup in windows

Thank you for fixing this!

Does it take alot of effort to update this fix manually? If it only involve in a few lines of codes, can you please advise which .cpp files are updated?

Those two commits fix it:

Now i tried to uncompress a vhdz taken from an incremental image backup but failed with error: Error uncompressing parent vhd.

The parent disk is in the same folder as the child vhd. However it works when i tried to uncompress the parent vhd only (taken from full image backup).

Any ideas what is happening?

Another bug on Windows. Thanks for the report. This should fix it, haven’t testet the fix yet, though.

Will update the 1.4.9 testing version with that fix.

After applying this fix as well as the previous ones before it, is it necessary to update the client code as well?

It seems that after the fix, the client no longer shows the status correctly. For example, I started a full file backup job - the client gui status shows it is idle. However the job is actually running and i can see it in the server web interface.

I think this issue is also present in earlier versions. Does not have that hight a priority.

This issue is not present in base version 1.4.8. Scenario:

In 1.4.8, an user can manually start a full file backup from the client gui and the backup running status will be shown immediately in the status gui.

However, after applying the fixes after 1.4.8, starting full file backup from client gui does not show the status correctly anymore. I can still start a full file backup from the client gui but the status still shows idle - i know the backup is still running because i can see the job running in the server interface’s activities.

Just to add it seems that this problem is caused after applying the fix for image read ahead (055cffc).

Also, this only occur when doing image backups. File backups are actually fine. When i start a full image backup, the client gui status will show backup running and then switch to idle after a few seconds. But at the server end, i can see the image backup task running under the activities tab.