Unable to take Full File Backup

Hello Friends,

I unable to take a file backup giving error msg:

I have installed server and client edition but getting an error Script does not exist urbackup\post_full_filebackup.bat

I not able to understand which script should i run for taking a full file backup and how can i restore the full image backup as well as full file backup.

I had changed the default location of c:\urbackup to e:\urbackup folder may be because of this its showing an error. Kindly pls. give your expert advice.



This log message is normally logged as a “debug” message and does not indicate an error.

Ok but i can’t see any files in the folder urbackup for the server i’m trying to take a Full File Backup it says 0.0 in the logs too.

And how can it restore the Full Image Backup
Kindly pls. send me the details for taking Full File, Full Image Backups and Restoring the same.


Same problem:

25.10.17 09:10 INFO Saving file metadata…
25.10.17 09:11 INFO Writing new file list…
25.10.17 09:11 INFO All metadata was present
25.10.17 09:11 DEBUG Syncing file system…
25.10.17 09:11 INFO Transferred 1021.58 MB - Average speed: 47.0535 MBit/s
25.10.17 09:11 DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup\post_full_filebackup.bat
25.10.17 09:11 INFO Time taken for backing up client xyz: 4m 31s
25.10.17 09:11 ERROR Backup failed

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Did you ever get this resolved? I have been seeing this issue popping up a lot lately.

DEBUG Script does not exist messages still do not indicate an error. Those scripts are options for people with a specific need to do something in addition to the normal backup process. If you have failing backups, look elsewhere for the cause.

Please see this post for details on how to ask for help here.