Trying to create 2 different backup on 2 different timing

**Hi all **

I’ve a question,

i was trying to create 2 different backups for 2 different folders in same client machine on 2 different timing. is it something possible…? i read on forum about “virtual sub client” but i don’t have any idea how it gonna work in windows if it’s gonna …?

i’m using windows environment.

i hope to get some guidelines if anyone have something like that.

Many thanks

The following should work to allow you to do two different folders on different schedules:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the client you wish to set-up from the drop-down box
  3. Tick the “Separate settings for this client” checkbox
  4. Configure the timings and folders you want in the “File Backups” section, i.e. enter “C:\Folder1” in the “Default directories to backup” textbox and “4” in the “Interval for incremental file backups” box.
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Click on the “Client” section
  7. Enter a name for your Sub client in the “Virtual sub client names” box.
  8. Click save.
  9. From the drop-down box select the new Client[SubClient] entry (where Client is the name of your client and SubClient is the name of the sub client you entered in step 7).
  10. Click on the “Separate settings for this client” checkbox
  11. Enter the timings and folder settings for the second folder. i.e. “C:\Folder2” in the “Default directories to backup” and “1” in the “Interval for incremental file backups”
  12. Hit save.

You should now have Folder1 being backed up every 4 hours and Folder2 being backed up every hour.

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Many thanks for your reply

but the problem is i don’t know anything about “Virtual sub client” how to create :confused: i tried to look but couldn’t find the right information or may be i’m not super at finding :confused:

if any information about it would be great.

Thank you

Steps 6 through 8 in my instruction cover creating the virtual sub client.

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thanks that works pretty nice

Hi Ceise,

i had a question about virtual client.

  1. how many virtual clients can i create on one machine…?
  2. if yes i did try to create 3 but all the time just 2 working… :confused:
  3. if yes it should work… then do i need to do something different …? or what shall i do to make it work…?

any information about would be great. @uroni if you can guide me into right direction please

Many thanks

Not many posts explain how to do this, and it is missing from the manual. This was very helpful to me but is now a little out of date so I have written an updated version which I’ll link here if someone else is trying this.

To answer the unanswered question in the above post - you needed to use the bar symbol (|) to list the separate Virtual Clients - One|Two|Three