Setup three different backups from same client

This took a bit of a faff, so I’ll write down here now I have worked it out.

I have a client which has four hard disks. I want three different backups as not all of this data changes every day. No point backing up the Media Drives daily when they 95% are the same every month.

  • System drive - image backup every three days.
  • Data drive - regular \ every few hours file backup
  • Two Media drives - monthly file backups

This is done with “Virtual Sub Clients” but instructions are missing, and the only links on the forum are out of date ( Trying to create 2 different backup on 2 different timing - #2 by Ceisc )

Those instructions mention “Separate settings for this client” tick box, which now does not exist.

Setup your first backup for the client. The default one to handle the C drive.

Next go to settings and select that Client from the drop down list.

Go to the CLIENT tab and enter your new virtual sub client names in the box. I used Fast and Slow in my example. Separate them with a | character (RTFM)

Now hit SAVE and wait a bit. Then check the General page and you’ll see the new clients to configure.

Go back into Settings, select the new client BRAIN-DAMAGE[Slow] from the drop down and setup the custom folder choice as required.

Repeat for all Virtual Sub Clients

And all three can be separately configured.

One thing not obvious to me was the separator is a BAR character | and not the semi-colon used elsewhere.

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Things that may catch you out… (or why it didn’t work for me first time)

If you have one backup showing as Offline like I did, maybe you not listed your virtual sub clients correctly

I made the initial mistake of only adding them one by one as I didn’t get how the | character was needed.

My orginal error was:
Add “Fast”
Add “Slow”
This lead to the image above - an active Slow, but Fast not doing anything.

If you messed that up like I did, you can go back and correct it easily.

Fixed it by going back to main client and changing it to Fast|Slow (like now shows in first post) and immediately the missing backup kicked in.

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