Trying to back up client getting an error

Hello Fellow UrBackup users,

I am currently getting an error message Cannot access directory to backup: “\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1\ocuments and Settings\505” Errorcode: 3 - The system cannot find the path specified.Does anyone know how to fix it i am only trying to back up the client documents files on the computer using the path c:\Documents and Settings. the clients I am backing up are using Windows XP

Did you copy and paste that path as it’s missing the D from Documents.
Also, what client version are you using?
XP isn’t supported in Version 2.


This is my path for default directories to backup:C:\Storage\Pst;C:\Documents and Settings\505
and we are currently using client 1.4.9 for urbackup

Is the Volume Snapshot Service running?

Not sure how do i tell if it’s running?

Right click on My Computer.
Then Computer Management and finally Services.
Work your way down the list until you find it.

Thank you, I will try that

If its not running how do i start it ?

You should be able to start it from the same place you check if it’s running.
If it won’t start it should tell you why, usually a dependency but dependencies also have dependencies have dependencies and so on…
If it’s running at least you can rule it out.

Is this on the client computer or the server computer ?

The client.