Testing inc backups: Doing incs after a few minutes are >100MB big?!


I just set up urBackup and test with it.

My default config:

Default folders: C:\Users
Exclude: (empty)
Include: Users\:\AppData\Roaming\*;Users\:\Pictures\*;Users\:\Desktop\*;Users\:\Documents\*;Users\:\Downloads\*;Users\:\Music\*;Users\:\Videos\*

I did a full backup which went fine. I did an inc 2 minutes after that. This inc size is 160M. 2 minutes after that I triggered another inc which was 126M in size.

Can I see which files were actually transferred to see what has changed?

Starting unscheduled incremental file backup...
Selected no components to backup
Scanning for changed hard links on volume of "C:\"...
Indexing of "Users" done. 121 filesystem lookups 17436 db lookups and 85 db updates
Robins-Blade: Loading file list...
Robins-Blade: Calculating file tree differences...
Robins-Blade: Calculating tree difference size...
Robins-Blade: Linking unchanged and loading new files...
Waiting for file transfers...
Waiting for file hashing and copying threads...
Writing new file list...
All metadata was present
Transferred 160.829 MB - Average speed: 16.3242 MBit/s
Time taken for backing up client Robins-Blade: 2m 10s
Backup succeeded

EDIT: I believe the following topics means maybe the same :slight_smile:

EDIT2: This relates as well:

Update on one client: It turns out, that when Firefox is running, my incs are at least 160M big. If it is closed, it shrinks to 3M.

I dont believe, that Firefox produces 160M of data within 1 minute? But maybe yes?

Or Firefox touches files, which are a bit large: local transfers are hashed and transferred completely, not only changed blocks.

Anyway, a complete transfer-filelist for each backup would be nice.

At the end of the log you have a message how many bytes have actually been transferred.

And yes, Firefox has a few potentially larg-ish SQLite databases it almost constantly modifies. It’s the reason why in the beginning of SSD there was an outcry (which caused some changes in the write behavior of Firefox) calling Firefox an “SSD Killer” (personal experience: it doesn’t).

It only has to modify some big files frequently, you’ll get the whole file backed up not just the small modification.