Incremental backup size is 15gb?

Hello all,
I have incremental backup set to every 5 hours, why are the backups going such a huge size? Everyone is only really working with typical word / excel documents. I only have it installed on 3 test PC’s, one of the incrementals is 410mb, the other is 15.21gb, considering nothing happened over the weekend, why in the world are they so big?


Have you looked at the logs?
You should be able to see what has been backed up along with the file sizes.
It could be outlook pst files…


Incrimental image backups incriment on the last full image backup. It’s possible that file backups behave this way too? If so, it’s not what happened since the last incrimental backup that counts, it’s what happened since the last full backup.

To test this, check your incremental sizes since the last full backup. If they steadily increase and rarely decrease, then they’re probably being compared to the last full backup.

This states that server compares new file list with the previous file list from that client. I would want to say that “previous” should be “previous incremental file backup” but who knows?