Test servers for Windows backup API (Exchange, MSSQL, Hyper-V)

UrBackup Client version 2.1 will have more extensive Windows backup API support enabling regular Exchange, MSSQL and Hyper-V backup and restore.

Help testing this would be appreciated if you have e.g. any non-essential servers running those applications (or can clone them).

What version of exchange and windows server? I have windows server 2003 running exchange 2007 that I can probably do some testing on. Is 2003 server too old?


We are running an Exchange 2013 server and some SQL 2008 R2 / 2012.
I’ll see if i can set up a test lab with one Exchange 2013, one AD and one SQL server 2012 and of course one UrBackup server …

I would like to test backup of Hyper-V and MsSQL servers.
Where can i download the 2.1 client?

This is the latest 2.1.x version currently: UrBackup Server 2.1.2 beta/Client 2.1.2 beta


I’ve not long discovered UrBackup and will be happy to test the system with Exchange 2010 and AD.

Will the 2.1 client work with FreeNas?

You’ll need to install server 2.1 on FreeNas. That one should work.