Support for Linux to make Image backup?

Hello there!
I am writing to behalf of my school called EUC syd in Denmark.
We are a reasonable size of a school implementing your awesome program!
We have a lot of clients added already but we have ran in to a problem with our Linux machines.
They are not supported for image backups. Am i doing something wrong or is i not supported at all?
I’ll be looking forward to working with you on making this awesome software even better!

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See Linux image backup

Adding information about your use case would be appreciated. For example Distribution, the snapshot method you would use (LVM2, dattobd, …), how the disks are formated (GPT, mdraid, LVM2, bcache, …)

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As of now i dont really know the big difference betweens LVM2 & dattobd, but i have dattobd installed right now and i really like it so far, so think i’m gonna stick with it.
The disk part i have total brain fart about anything right now, can i check that somehow?

Hi there,
you may choose one of this methods to detect the file system a disk is formatted with:
7 Ways to Determine the File System Type in Linux

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By running the df -Th command i got this output, does that help the case?

So you are using LVM…

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If it says that, then yeah, not that cleaver on that field yet

So what can i/we do now that this is established