Server side service randomly stopping ports not listening

I am running urbackup on ubuntu 16.04 lts. The service seems to just be randomly stopping. When I run systemctl status urbackupsrv it shows the service as active and healthy but when I run ps aux or pstree the urbackup service is not there. When I view the logs their are no errors I can find anywhere. netstat -ltnp does not show the ports for urbackup listening. I reinstalled the OS and the urbackup service and am having the same problem still. If I systemctl restart urbackupsrv it seems to work fine for a random period of time before it goes offline again. Anyone know anything about this or have any thoughst what might be issue?

Other things that may be relevant : I have the exact same server HW and OS running urbackup at aclient location that has been perfictly stable for like 6 months which is why I did what I have done here. The only other port listening is 22 and it never stops listening. I have disabled the firewall and am running the most up to date urbackup. I have set no cron jobs or installed anything on this server but the os and urbackup.

I have the same problem with just some of my Ubuntu clients.
I couldn’t find the answer so I used the immortal software to restart the service when it dies.
It’s available from
It’s also very straight forward to use.

I know it’s not ideal but it’s a useful workaround until the problem is resolved.

Cloud you please read Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting and provide the requested information. Otherwise your problem won’t get fixed.

Uroni thank you for your time to respond and your willingness to help. I have changed the log level to debug like you asked and I am just waiting for the system to stop responding again. It has been 2 days now and its still running fine. I had disabled apparmor shortly after I made this post and sense I havnt had this issue again sense doing that Im starting to think that was the issue. Ill keep you both posted over the next few days

I have disabled apparmor and gone 2 days now without the issue. You want to uninstall apparmor and see if it works for you as well?

Interesting. I’ll give it a go this week and report back.

So we have gone I think 4 days now and everything is running fine and literally the only change I have made is removing apparmor. So I’m like 99% sure thats the issue I dont personally care enough to reinstall it and verify but uroni if you would like me to for your development sake or if you want access to this server for development purposes lmk I’m willing to help anyway I can.