Server exit when disk fills up, no warnings or email?


Was running evaluation/test to a small partition, which filled up overnight. Came back to no server running, and since there wasn’t a server, couldn’t use the web page to check status, also no email to say ‘hey, the disk filled up’. Rebooting didn’t seem to bring it back long enough to check status (just looked and noticed the partition was full). Would be good to have it fall back to a read-only state when the partition is full so at least the last backups can be accessed, and maybe the server could report info about the partition being full. Running server on Linux version 2.3.7.


Have you set a quota? Have you set up a maximum and minimum number of file backups and mirror backups? Server will automatically clean out expired files, you can also write some scripts to automatically check, I hope it can help you.


Could have a look at the log file? See here for where it is: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting


No, no quotas, just a default install giving urbackup the entire partition in /media/BACKUP/urbackup
Its a first time install and first time backup for 4 windows clients to the server. I expected to fill things up at some point during the evaluation, to see how it handled things, just happened sooner than anticipated.


Sure, I’ll send it to the email listed.


Probably the same issue as Server Fails with Error 28 no backtrace yet, so this issue hasn’t been fixed.


Seeing those in the log, you are probably right. I’m going through evaluations, so I’ve swapped out the partition with something bigger, but if it helps to recreate the issue I can put back the smaller partition and let it fill up and see if I can cause it again.