Scheduled backup is not started

hello everyone, I have a problem, I decided to change the time when the backup starts, and the next day it turned out that it did not start, and moreover, the log is not even anywhere, I have it on 4 servers on all of them, I changed the backup start hour, and if check the status of the client, everything is fine, they have access, but they simply do not make a backup

Same here Backup setting does't work on schedule

I already looked at it and nothing helped, I already tried to set the period 0-24 and it is no longer available, the backup is according to the schedule, but the server itself is available and even if you do a manual backup, everything works fine

as I already mentioned on the other thread it would be helpful to have more information like debug log from server and client

now it’s work

what was the solution?

well, most likely it hung and did not execute, since I did not change the parameters in any way, but it started according to the schedule

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