Review: Admin manual for UrBackup Server 1.4

If you have the time, please read through the attached admin manual and comment any

- Things which need further explanation
 - Missing documentation
 - Spelling/Grammar errors
 - Problems in the document structure


admin_guide.pdf (303.5 KB)

I am new to urbackup so i will look at the guild from a very newcomer perspective.
So here is my 2 cents:

Installation is not covered. I think it should at least include something like supported OSes and a reference where to find the information about it. (It’s written here and there in the text but in my vision it should have it’s own chapter as this is easier for references).

In the introduction is stated that there is no linux client. Is this still correct? As there are sources available (no pre-builds), haven’t looked at them yet.

4 Clients discovery in local area networks:
Here is explained how the local discovery works. There is also stated if u use NAT u have to forward ports. Does this only apply for NAT in local networks or also for internet clients?

7.1.7 A large number of simultaneous backups will of course increase the time the server needs for one backup, if many backups are run in parallel.
I find this sentence a bit odd / a bit long.

There is a list of network ports used but are they all incoming and outgoing? Maybe nice to add.

Thanks for writhing the document i think it’s a good starting point!


I’ll add an installation chapter and correct the other misakes you mentioned.

Now with installation section.

admin_guide.pdf (329.9 KB)

The pdf link is broken.

Clicking the url does not work. Copy and pasting does (at least for me).

If you are looking for the latest admin manual please look here:

(I am assuming you found this thread via Google or something instead of that page)

Many thanks.
Keep up the good work Uroni.



Will this guide be updated anytime soon or should it be considered deprecated with advent of 2.x version?
I would like to add things like LVM snapshot example (can provide you with my own if that’s wanted) and clarification on backup scripts (which folders (/etc/urbackup/ or /var/urbackup/) they should be placed in on what systems, exact file names (trial&error leads me to believe files should be called post and pre_full_filebackup for example, not post and prefilebackup) so there is still some things to be cleared up.

Yes, 2.x has improved snapshotting for Linux and includes a LVM snapshot script. The problem still present is how to install and configure it. There is the portable Linux installer UrBackup Client Linux 2.0.26, but many people may want distribution packages.

I have also documented the pre/post backup scripts. The 2.x manual is linked from e.g. UrBackup Server 2.0.27 beta (updated)/Client 2.0.26 beta (updated 4x) (at the bottom)

Thanks for the heads-up on the scripts and locations! What about 1.4 and manual for it? Shall I consider it unmaintained?

Also another note for both of the manuals - in section 9.3, could you specify which ports are TCP and which are UDP?