Restore Images Manually Mounted via SMB

I use UrBackup for all the full OS image backups in a small Windows domain with both physical machines and virtual Hyper-V servers.

I recently found out that renaming a client folder on the UrBackup server, where the OS images back up to causes the restore disk to not see the renamed images to restore using the UI.

I found some posts about records in an SQL Lite DB and I found a tool to see the tables but this seems too complex and I’m not sure which records to update to fix the UI mapping issue anyway.

I found a post that told me to use Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to terminal and run Linux commands to point the UrBackup Restore Client tool to explicit image files.

I tried mounting the SMB share and was told I do not have access to the command. I had a little trouble here figuring out how to elevate my permissions but eventually figured it out so see below for further detail.

I found what I needed and will post the detail below that helped me.

At the “Welcome to UrBackup restore” screen, you will want to press the Ctrl+Alt+F2 keys to go into the terminal and then follow the below instructions and run the mentioned commands accordingly.

First, be sure you are connected to the network which the SMB file share and UNC path for the UrBackup server resides by running: /sbin/ifconfig.

Second, run lsblk to see all the “block devices” or hard disks on the system and confirm the correct /dev/sd# so with the restore commands you point the image to be pushed to the correct device and/or disk partition.

## Elevate permissions to commands
sudo su
cd /root

## Create the directory which will map to the SMB UNC path server share
mkdir -p /mnt/<ServerName>

## Mount the UNC path to the new directory with a credential
mount -t cifs //<IPAddress>/<ShareName> -o username=<username>,password=<password> /mnt/<ServerName>

Now finish up by following the instructions listed on How to restore via command line