Restore image over the internet

Is it possible to restore images over the internet? I’ve tried selecting ‘Enter server IP/hostname’ inputing my public ip address but the Urbackup restore wont find the server over the internet. Feature request?

Yes, feature request.

Except for if you forward the restore clients ports into the internet :wink:

Thanks for the tip.

I tried to port forward the client ports specified in the documentation but it still won’t find the server. I even put the client in DMZ to open all ports to it to no avail.

The server ports I have forwarded are TCP 55413-55415.

What else do I need open?

Also what do I enter for the server IP? Just IP, or do I need the urbackup port as well?

You are actually doing that?

All the client ports in need to be forwarded (maybe except 35621 TCP). Server needs only 35623 UDP forwarded. Enter just the IP/hostname.

You better believe I’m doing that :slight_smile:. With a gigabit pipe why not image computers and allow restore from offsite.

Works great with the extra server port. Haven’t done a restore yet, but the client found the server and I was able to login. Thanks for the assistance.

BTW is the restore CD open source for me to compile? I would like to change a few things around to make the offsite restore of images a little quicker.

It’s a bit tricky. Here are instructions which need an update

You can get a up-to-date restore client by running ./ from . If all the programs this needs are installed this should also run on other live linux distributions.

When will there be a feature to allow restoring an image over the internet. I have an AWS server running URbackup and an S3 bucket mounted to it for my backups (which is awesome by the way) but all I can do is make backups. I want to restore the images I backed up but I cannot.

Please vote for my feature request. Uroni has already done so and I appreciate that but I am curious how many other people are interested in the feature.



Am I understanding you and the docs correctly that the Azure server will need port 35623 open for discovery?