Restore File To Windows Fails

I needed to restore a file to a remote client and started the restore via the web GUI. I’m on the same network, but not at the client that needs the restore, if it matters.

Activity tab indicates the restore has initiated and after 5-6 minutes, the Last Activity seems to indicate the restore completed. Seems to, but no file found on client.

Then, I look in the log and find an info entry of: “…Waiting for client confirmation…”

and then an error: “Restore was inactive for 5min. Timeout. Stopping restore…”

I ended up manually downloading the folder and pulled the file from there. Is there a reason this restore failed?

You need to login on the client and click a confirm pop up
else configure the client to for server-confirm and the confirmation would appear on the web ui, not on the client.

Thanks Orogor. Where do I find the setting to make the confirmation show up on the web ui? I have most setting on the client disabled and have yet to find this setting within the web ui? Thanks.


you got the same problem that another thread
On the client : RESTORE=server-confirms

In my settings, this is default settings.
For uroni this is considered dangerous; as a server could decide to corrupt a client by restoring old files, without the client agreing on that previously.

Great - Thank you. I see now. And thanks for the note on uroni’s feelings for this, too. I have to admit, it would be safer. But, there maybe times when the client may not know the answer.