Restore CD Static Address

does the restore cd work in an environment whit no DHCP server ?

I haven’t tried it but my guess is it falls back to a default static address. If it then cannot find a server it asks you to setup the networking to enter IPs/or wireless lan network config.

Is it possible to edit the restore image to get a static IP permanent (version Beta 2.0.5)?

It should be a very nice feature to be able to edit the IP of the restore CD so it saves permanent.
Else, in a LAN where there is no DHCP you have to manually edit the IP everytime.

Old theme, howewer, I’ll add some for search…

That feature is exist, but even new version of restore cd, 2.3.1
is also break my brain today, when I try to set static IP and restore…

so strange behaviour for so simple action:
Try to set IP, press “S” - and - nothing.
from server start ping -t destination - nothing.
“S”, “Ctrl+C”, stop new scan by “Ctrl+C”,
Again - check/set wired IP (ok) - nothing, no ping. (many times)
LiveCD set, (ok) but… don’t apply my IP settings. =\

Accidently I’m pressed next item in menu -
“find WLAN/WIFI”(2) instead of LAN (1)
SO, Wired settings become applyed! Ping ok!
Now I can set server IP and start restore of destination, great!

But why? Why so strange way for apply LAN IP - only by “find WLAN”? )))

You can set static IP manually.

  • when you load CD, after choosing language use CTRL + ALT + F2

  • then sudo -i for root permissions

  • set IP manually

  • Go back to menu use CTRL + ALT + F1

I used it here:

Thank’s! I’ve set IP nanually in cli, ok.

But how did you actually set it?

Step #4 doesn’t make any sense: “Set IP manually” is all it says.

You “set it manually” by “setting it manually”? But H-o-w?

We never use DHCP and therefore can never do an image restore at all.

i would assume using “ifconfig” just google “man ifconfig” :slight_smile: