Possible macos 10.14 issues - access denied causes backup to fail


My Mac mini Mid 2011 is running Mojave smoothly :slight_smile:


For those who have Mojave running smoothly with the Urbackup client, would you mind looking in Activity Monitor to see what your tccd process usage is? Ordinarily it would be near 0%.

I found that I could - eventually - get Urbackup running smoothly under Mojave by poking at the FDA settings - but it would break after a while, and tccd usage would skyrocket.


Is there any progress here?



Not that I’ve seen - I’m running Mojave, and I’ve had to stop using Urbackup until the Info.plist keys get added… Played havoc with tccd every time I tried otherwise.


same here.


Same here
We are all on the same Boat :frowning:


Here’s how idrive needs authorization in Mojave:


So, does this mean - we have to modify Info.plist of UrbackupClient?


Could be. I haven’t found any official documentation and I don’t have a mojave mac to play around with. Even then it seems to work until reboot?


Must be buried somewhere in https://developer.apple.com/documentation I couldn’t find it either.

This might be helpful:

specifically the eskimo reply:

With regards helper tools, does your tool:

  • Have a bundle ID, set via the __info_plist section in the executable?To get this, set both the “Info.plist File” ( INFOPLIST_FILE ) and the “Create Info.plist Section in Binary” ( CREATE_INFOPLIST_SECTION_IN_BINARY ) build settings.

  • Have that bundle ID as a ‘child’ of the app’s bundle ID?For example, your app might be com.example.foo and your bundle ID might be com.example.foo.helper .

  • Have a code signing identifier that matches its bundle ID?You can dump the code signing identifier using codesign -d -vvv /path/to/your/tool . For example:

    1. $ codesign -d -v /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.anarchistturtle.QCDImagerHelper 2>&1 | grep Identifier
    2. Identifier=com.anarchistturtle.QCDImagerHelper

Looks like these are at least the primary 3 things to make sure it’s right.


I wanted to update the mac mini I use for compiling to test this and it said it can’t install. Is there some trick to install anyway?


The official line is that only the late-2012 Mac Mini onwards is compatible with Mojave: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201475

Otherwise you’ll need the instructions (and warnings) and patch tool from DosDude1: http://dosdude1.com/mojave/


I recently updated my office iMac, to Mojave, and had the same problem.
I also noticed that testdisk was not working. While attempting to give testdisk access to my hard drives I turned off csrutil.
Although my logs are now telling me the snapshot isn’t working it does appear to be backing up ok.

If anyone else wants to try try this and report the results please boot your Mac into recovery mode, Command and R after the apple chime, and then drop to command line. Type csrutil disable and reboot. https://www.imore.com/how-turn-system-integrity-protection-macos

UPDATE: May 2nd. The iMac has been restarted multiple times and still backing up.


Hi jcminy,

The only other thing I did was add the GUI client to the Full Disk Access list.
I’ve just checked my logs and the client is still backing up fine, albeit without the snapshot facility.

I’m running client version 2.2.6 and Mac OS X 10.14.4; Kernel 18.5.0 x86_64


I’m having same exact problems with new macs, installer fails… I’m guessing it was something with the 10.14.4 update… i’ll install 10.14.3 and see if it allows UrBackup Client to install without failing… and THEN updated to 10.14.4


Ah ok. I installed the client before upgrading to Mojave.
I’ve just changed the iMac hard drive and migrated all my data / apps.
I’ve added the client to the FDA list and disabled csrutil again.

Will let you know if it continues to backup.


That’s the case… works fine installing on 10.14.3 … 10.14.4 broke being able to install it


use pacifist https://www.charlessoft.com as workaround to install client on 10.14.4, it works fine after restart.


Hello all:

I’m a bit confused - the first half of this thread comprises people (including myself) reporting that the Urbackup Client does not run properly under Mojave, due to being stamped on by Full Disk Access issues.

The second half seems to be people reporting that it is working properly.

Are you second-half people definitely seeing it running properly, and not seeing the tccd process spinning out of control as a result? Even after a few days and a few reboots?


You are part of the group that derailed the thread towards the macos installation issue away from the access denied issue mentioned in the title :wink: