Possible macos 10.14 issues - access denied causes backup to fail


Thanks, I’ll take a look.


I guess the problem is, even after adding UrBackup to FDA, after a reboot, it’s access doesn’t stick.


Likewise - UrBackup seems to be the only app that I have which has problems getting Full Disk Access. Other apps - such as Arq - don’t seem to have any issue accessing everything, once it has FDA.


That’s wrong. For example there is https://github.com/restic/restic/issues/2051 .


What I’ve seen: I added /Applications/Urbackup Client.app to System Preference | Security | Privacy | Full Disk Access.

This was the profile

After adding that, backups seemed to run for a while, but then started getting

Error while getting files in folder “/Users/user/Library/Safari”. User may not have permissions to access this folder. Errno is 1

The folder kept changing, so I kept adding excluded files until it would run again. Here is the final list I had to make to get the backup to run:

> */Application Support/IDriveforMac/*;/Users/*/Library/Application Support/CallHistoryDB;/Users/*/Library/Application Support/AddressBook;/Users/*/Library/Application Support/CallHistoryTransactions;/Users/*/Library/Application Support/MobileSync;/Users/*/Library/Application Support/com.apple.TCC;/Users/*/Library/Caches/CloudKit/com.apple.Safari;/Users/*/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari;/Users/*/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari.SafeBrowsing;/Users/*/Library/Caches/com.apple.safaridavclient;/Users/*/Library/Calendars;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.Home;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.Safari;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.VoiceMemos;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.iChat;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.news;/Users/*/Library/Containers/com.apple.stocks;/Users/*/Library/Cookies;/Users/*/Library/HomeKit;/Users/*/Library/IdentityServices;/Users/*/Library/Mail;/Users/*/Library/Messages;/Users/*/Library/Metadata/CoreSpotlight;/Users/*/Library/Metadata/CoreSpotlight;/Users/*/Library/Metadata/CoreSpotlight;/Users/*/Library/Metadata/com.apple.IntelligentSuggestions;/Users/*/Library/PersonalizationPortrait;/Users/*/Library/Safari;/Users/*/Library/Suggestions;/Users/*/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary

This seems to be a bit excessive of a list, is apple still adjusting the API and how it works on a system?

This is about the most fully-fleshed out analysis of the issues with FDA that I’ve found so far. I think even with Urbackup listed in FDA, it’s still getting denied because of the reasons listed here (see: TCC requires it to have that usage description built into its Info.plist file): https://eclecticlight.co/2018/08/27/mojaves-privacy-protection-is-complex-and-will-crash-innocent-apps/


Thanks Silversword - this correlates with my experience too.

That eclecticlight article is very interesting - I have two things to comment on it:

  • The article suggests that the macOS bug causing applications to crash when they have FDA assigned does not correspond with my experience of how Urbackup snags on these folders;
  • Looking at Info.plist for Arq (which works on my system), I can see they’ve added keys for NSCalendarsUsageDescription, NSContactsUsageDescription, etc.

I guess Urbackup could use having those keys added too! :slight_smile:


just upgrade to mojave and all backup failing…
reading all the posts here, do not look good.

So there is no solution yet ?
Staying without backup on those mojave make me nervous :slight_smile:

PS: uninstalling the client for now do not seems to work well either


Another thread on manual rip out and removal:


Thanks Silverword
i will uninstall for now… tired to see the failure in my log :frowning:
still follow this thread (about the mac issue) closely.