Possible macos 10.14 issues - access denied causes backup to fail


This week I upgraded my iMac to SSD , completed a fresh install of Mojave 10.14.4, followed by migrating all data and apps.
I added the urbackupclient to the FDA list and turned off csrutil.

I can confirm that, although snapshots are not working, I am able to backup successfully.

UPDATE: I have just successfully backed up another Mojave system, that hadn’t backed up since November, by turning off CSR and adding the client to the FDA list.

MAY 16TH UPDATE: I woke up today to OS X 10.14.5 which is still happily backing up.


hm, “not_thank_you” - no problem! seems like i’ve need to be more precise so i can confirm that 2.3.4 client can be used on 10.14.4 if you are:

  • able to set it up using third party tool, god bless that guy;
  • exclude all protected locations, see previous post by silversword or;
  • add UrBackup Client.app to FDA and disable SIP.

tccd stays quite for hours, can not confirm this for longer period.

check performed on two macbook pros - late 2012 and 2018 with T2.

thank you