Permissions NAS folder for backups

Hi Guys,
had a look through some of the other posts and came across similar but nothing that exactly matches my issue, nor could i find a resolution.

I have UrBackup installed on a Windows 2008r2 server and looking to save all backups to my NAS storage device (Lenovo).
When i set the backup path as my NAS drive e.g. “\nas\backups”, I get the below error.

“The directory where UrBackup will save backups is inaccessible. Please fix that by modifying this folder in ‘Settings’ or by giving UrBackup rights to access this directory.(err_folder_not_found)”

What permissions do i need to add to my NAS in order to allow UrBackup to save to this share. I am using a Domain enviroment with Active Directory users, meaning I can add any AD user permissions to my NAS shares and I can add local users to the NAS itself.
I did try adding a local “UrBackup” user to the NAS and give it permissions to the backups share but Still get error message above. Problem being I did read in another post that UrBackup user just needs to be added with no password, but my NAS will not allow a local user to be added with No password.

Is there any way of getting UrBackup to save backups to my NAS shares?

Thanks for this, got it working without issue now.


I appreciate the link to the above… but following it is extremely difficult. Too technical and too long